C1 – Artist Experience – Art & (my life)

Yu 1

Jacky Yu

Professor Zucman

Art 110

29 April 2019

Final Paper

This semester has been very different in many ways compared to my last couple of semesters. This semester I was able to take more electives, which allowed me to expanded my horizon on many other subjects that caught my attention,. One class being very informative and life changing was Art 110. This class was different in so many ways in terms of lectures, activities, and projects. Most of the projects expanded our creativity and knowledge about art, but also ourselves. The project brought me back to the younger side of me where I was able to think and act freely. This art class has granted me the ability to understand the different aspects of art. Every art piece tends to have some type of story or goal that is intended by the developer. Many of the artist are inspired by their life experience and values, which lead them to create their masterpiece. It was a privilege to talk and understand how these artists and arts came to be. It is even more inspiring to me on how much an art piece or structure can do to its creator and viewers. I’ve never thought art had the ability to express one’s emotions, feelings, life, and understanding of the world. Colors, lines, and shapes allows the artist the implement their own image and idea of their own art. Communicating and interviewing the artist has allowed me to understand that art is done through the use of colors, lines, shapes, and tones. Most importantly, everyone artist created their masterpiece through the use of their own passion and vision. Most of

Yu 2

the artists do not really think about the money, but more about their passion to get their art out. The art piece and structure is way of expressing their understanding of life to a vast amount of people through their work.

With this class, I was able to be more expressive through my words rather than just words. It made me realize the importance of being expressive can be done in many ways. The tone, words, and expression in one face can express one thing or another. Being able to observe is also very crucial to my career as a sociologist. Observing and understanding someone is pretty much how art is done as well. Art can be seen in multiple ways just as much as someone’s experiences and values. When learning and acknowledging people, I must be able to be open minded to the difference and similarities we may face. Just like art, every artist has a different type of art that expresses something different and important to them. There was one lesson that stood out to me that we did outside of class, which was the time when we were forced to stand at a certain spot on how easy or head and fun school is the each of us. Being one that stood on the stairs where I did not care about the easiness and fun of school made me realize a lot. It is very important to challenge yourself regardless of how hard it is because their are boundless amount of problems that may come in the future. This challenges should be seen as way of improvement and knowledge we seek to grow in our career and life. Through the comments stated by Zuccman, I should be able to take challenges as a way of growing instead of something I would want away from. Challenges is what makes us grow and understand ourselves like never before. I now want to take any challenges that may come my way with the attitude to complete and learn from it. This class has give me the ability to have a more creative and deeper understanding of art, but also myself. Challenges is what makes us satisfy about yourself once we complete them.

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