B6 – Artist Conversation – Mark Hertzel

Artist: Mark Hertzel

Exhibition: Visions


Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: papabearwl

Mark Hertzel passion and love for art has emerged at a very young state of his life. He is currently in a BFA program for two semester in Cal State Long Beach. Hertzel has also been in art school for at least two years to fulfill his passion and love for art. He now decides he wants to extend his units to 130, which allows him access to tools and professor. Hertzel graduating later in his life will allow to learn and explore his passions due to the resources Cal State Long Beach provides to their students. After graduation, he plans on continue his journey to becoming a industrial designs where he plans to build anything sculpture related.

Hertzel’s sculptures consists of many scales, textures, and shapes, which gives the sculpture their own characteristic. Each of his sculpture had different lining due to the face shape or features. Most of the sculpture had similar texture and scale, which is made by the type of material. The color of the sculpture were very constant with muted pastel colors. The way the sculpture were shaped and displayed, they had their own jagged and straight features. Most of these sculpture could be seen a far distant compared to the little sculptures. It could definitely be hard to see due to the color of the sculptures.

Hertzel believed the sculpture he created had its features and emotions of its own. Most of his sculpture he created had a clear identification of one’s emotions and characteristic. The sculpture he displayed did exactly that, where the sculpture indicate the emotion and point he was trying to get across to his audience. The human body is very fascinating to Mark due to the complexity of the human body. He also mentions the idea of how important each body part is just as important to any other body part on the human body. With his sculpture he displays each part in it’s own way to show how important each one is to his audience.

Looking and analyzing Mark Hertzel’s sculptures and art through the lens of his eyes. I come to realize how sculptures could be so expressive and real to those who acknowledge through a pair of eyes. When thinking about sculpture, we tend to think about it being very boring and fake. However, seeing Hertzels sculpture, it is important to realize how much a sculpture can mean when displayed correctly. It is very surprising to me how much a sculpture could allow one to understand the emotions and feeling of it.

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