B1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

At the start of the project, we were quite confused and lost. Our group had to re-read the instructions multiple times to find ourselves even more lost. Eventually, we were able to figure out exactly what we need for the plaster casting project. The first thing was to acquire the supplies required for the project. We went to the art store on campus while discussing the next steps. Not long after, we, as group decided to go to home depot to buy all the supplies need such as a 5 gallon bucket, mixing stick, and shovel. Once we got all we supplies, we headed towards Huntington Beach around 5PM. When we arrived, the sun was beginning to set as rain poured on us. After the rain slowly stopped, we found a spot by the beach with wet sad. Now that we found a spot, we were actually able to start the project. We all were responsible for our own part during the process of the plaster casting. One person was in charge of one thing until it was there turn to put their hand into the sand. The experience shared with my fellow classmates made the project more fun and memorable. The preparing process was quite difficult and confusing, but the experience was very exciting and interacting. We were all able to make our plaster casting in about an hour or so with time to exchange conversations and stories. Overall, the project went very well and smooth. In all my semester in Cal State Long Beach, this was the first time i’ve ever done anything like this in my college career. It was definitely a different experience and twist to all my upper and lower division classes. With this experience, I could apply this to anything and everything I do in my educational and social career. The ability to be open to new experiences or projects could create new opportunities and door for me in the future. I’ve always been told to do projects such as power points and presentation throughout my college career. After this experience, i could come to understand the power of being open to new things and experience. I would definitely try to do my feet next time instead of my hand. I would also try to do it before sunset in order to actually have more control and time to do the plaster casting.

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