B1 – Artist Conversation – Jonathan Hunt

Artist: Jonathan Hunt

Exhibition: Envision

Media: Printmaker

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: Jonathanhuntart.com

Instagram: Jonathanhuntart

Jonathan Hunt started his art career in printmaking at Golden West College in 2011. Hunt really enjoyed the idea of repetition and patterns in his art. He also emphasizes the importance of patience and how it has influence his work and art. He is now currently on his third year in California State University Long Beach with the major in Art and focus in printmaking. Jonathan really focuses on the idea of patience due to the process of printmaking. The hardest part for Jonathan Hunt is the inking process and the need for perfect consistency, which requires patience.

Jonathan Hunt’s artwork had various types of formal qualities to lines and shapes. Most of his work consisted of lines and shapes that were followed with a rhythm. Some of his work was mainly just lines that had a rhythm to them as well. However, someone of the lines made up the shapes that were being seen through his art. He also had a table of his work, which consisted lines and shapes, but also textures allowing the audience to feel the crests and lines. The lines were straight and jagged in his art to show off a specific shape. Hunt’s work were mostly in black and white with little to no color. There were couple of artwork that he created, which contain colors from blue to silver. Jonathan art piece and figures ranged from small to massive sizes. He had art piece that you could see from miles and miles away, but he always had figures that required the in person experience. Most of the art pieces that were smaller had a little twist to it, which could only be understood by the eye. The smaller and larger artwork contain a lot of detailing for the audience.

Jonathan Hunt’s artwork and pieces were mainly focused on the topic of humanism. In his art, he uses certain colors, patterns, and shapes to tell one’s life or story. There was an art piece of his that contained the average life span of the human. There were total of 80 cubes that indicated the average lifespan of every individual on earth. He emphasizes that even though the average age is 80, he wants his audience to make the most out of life because you don’t know when you’ll go. Each cube had different patterns and shapes to indicate the different experience and struggle people have throughout their life. In other words, the visual demonstrates the difference between everyone’s life, but yet all so similar in one way or another.

The art that was created and displayed by Jonathan Hunt really resonated with my past and present life. The art piece “cubes” show me the importance of life through the vision of the cubes. Each cube being different from one another shows the struggle and pain someone can have. The similarities of the 80 cube shape of the visual could be a indication of similarities of the human race. We all human share one similarity or another, but one is fact, which is that we are human.

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