B2 – Artist Conversation – Andy Phillips

Artist: Andy Phillips

Exhibition: 1133 South Ramona

Media: Sculpting

Gallery: LBSU School of Art, BFA



Andy interests for art started very young and long in his lifetime. We all live in the past and present.Andy Phillips was really influenced by his old home, which ultimately influenced him to put this art piece together. Philips is an undergraduate where he focuses on sculpture. He believes that physical art is way easier and better than 2D. He truly enjoys and loves physical art than digital or 2D due to the hardships and difficulty. Most of his work took about a month in the making, which is literally built by Philips.

The formal qualities of Andy Phillips art was literally physical with different types of shapes, colors, rhythms, and textures. His art piece had a couch and the wood that was built behind the home he use to live in. The couch was orange with different patterns, which stood out of the art piece. The walls that were built in, indicate the structure and the details of the house. Everything has its own color to orange, green, and brown. Each color indicated a different item in the room to show its existence. Most of the furniture in the room were massive enough to see from far away. However for the textile and patterns in the couch would be difficult to see from far. Overall, being around the art structure gave off a really cozy and comforting feeling of a home.

The art structure, pieces, and format was to indicate the memory of Andy Phillip’s past of his old home. He truly believes what makes up the history or past is due to the things we surround ourselves with at home and outside. This could be anything to table, couches, shelfs, and etc. Philip’s believes things around us have more than just a physically appearance, but also a emotional and mental side. What makes home feel like home is the things that make us feel a certain type of way when being around. He truly believes the memories could also be recreated by certain colors and things we surround ourselves.

The art structure intrigued me because there were a lot of details that made up the components of the piece in terms of how it is related to the parts of a house. There is an emotional connection to every piece of work that they had because, for instance, the couch is something that every household has and every family makes memories on; and the artist plays on that element through bringing about reminisce with the traditional feel to the pieces that they put on display. I especially liked that there were the arrangement of the pieces because it was different to me and it is not how we would normally see these household pieces put.

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