B2 – Art Experience – Design Thinking

B2-  Art Experience – Design Thinking

3 Possible Future’s of Me

1) Social Worker

I am currently on my last year of college at California State University, Long Beach and I currently focused on getting my B.A. in Sociology. Originally, I planned to pursue medicine and health in my early years of college. However, my passion and love went somewhere else, where i could help those in society through my experiences. I started in a community college where I eventually transferred to four year university. Before moving forward, I wanted to focus and improve my communication skills with those inside and outside of school. As of right now, I’m currently in a counselling program that allows me the opportunity to understand and talk to kids at the age of 13. This will allow me to build the knowledge and skills to help my further my career and ability to help others in my community.

Five Year Plan:

  1. Continue to work my counselling program for at least a year; Possibly find secondary job to counsel older peers; Figure out my focus and concentration; Graduate College at California State University of Long Beach.
  2. Continue to work my counselling program and a second job; Explore a older and different crowd; Gain the ability and knowledge to understanding older peers and struggles; Attend more social networking programs
  3. Move out to further improve my independence, Move to San Gabriel, Find a job closer to my area, Find another job in my focus while improving my social and academic skills
  4. Continue to work and improve; Work for a community organization; Understanding social issues at local level
  5. Work with other organizers; counsel young and old; continue to work and grow


-Confidence: 6/10

-Resources: 5/10

-Impact: 10/10

-Satisfaction: 7/10

Questions about this:

-Will the pay be enough?

-How long until I actually reach my goal

-Will it pay off?

2) Clothes Designer

If all goes wrong, I hope to see myself starting my own clothing brand. I will have to explore many different outlets of fashion to better understand different type of clothing and fabrics. Being able to explore different outlet will allow me to gain better social and networking skills. I’ve always wanted to start a clothing brand because I have always been interested in fashion and clothing. But before all this, I have to find some side job, which will allow me to further my clothing branding.

Five Year Plan:

  1. Make more connections with those inside and outside CSULB. Start looking into advertising and marketing. Look into different type of clothing, styles, and fabrics.
  2. Work a retail clothing place; acquire knowledge about a retail store; learning about the latest trends
  3. Find a job in lavish designer clothing store; finding the appeal to the general public and why?; Learn the different type of quality in clothing
  4. Follow and learn a designer’s ways; continue to research more about clothing and different brands worldwide.
  5. Continue to work to build capital, use all the knowledge about clothing and fabrics, design my own shirt


-Confidence 5/10

-Resources 5/10

-Impact 7/10

-Satisfaction 10/10

Questions about this:

-Would it possible to accomplish

-How long will take for it be successful

-What is the chances of being successful

3) Owning a restaurant

I’ve always enjoyed eating the cultural chinese dishes that my family cooked on special occasions. This usually includes sticky rice and sweets.  Regardless of any of this to take place, I must establish some type of capital and savings. If the clothing brand does become successful, i could invest more into the restaurant, which eventually fund other causes such as the poor crisis in the asian communities.

Five year plan:

1. Learning about business and investing; work part time, while gaining skills and knowledge about a restaurant.

2. Start marketing for other business and local restaurants; work for better branch of restaurants; understanding how a restaurant works

3. Continue to market for local restaurants; learning the inside and outsides of a restaurant, while working a restaurant establish capital.

4. Keep working on improving local restaurants; learning about different recipes and location

5. Keep working to build more skills and knowledge about the food industry; learning different combinations of food and desserts

Confidence: 5/10


Impact: 7/10

Satisfaction: 10/10

-How much capital will be required?

-Will be successful after years of struggle?

-How much resources is required?

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