B3 – Art Conversation – Soim Park

Artist: Soim Park

Exhibition: Welcome

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merline Gallery


Instagram: Soim_Park90

Soim Park’s art career started at Cerritos College where she majoring in ceramics and found her passion. She further her art path by transferring to four year university to pursue her BFA in ceramics. It is currently her fourth year at Cal State Long beach, which narrow down to her having two more semester. Most of her work was inspired by her own feelings and emotions. Her art piece were demonstrated by her passion and love for vases. Not only is she inspired by her feelings and emotions but the need to build an ceramic vases which goes higher and expands bigger.

The forms of qualities of Soim Park were more physically with different types of textures, scales, colors and shapes The vases each had its own color to tell a different story according to Park. Each art structure had its own shape and texture, which differed it from the other art pieces in the gallery. The vases or art structure had straight and curves making it more memorable for the viewers.  Every single one of the vases were differed by height as well with different colors painted on each one. Some of the vases had more colors than others, which made those more eye catching and pleasing. There were couple of vases that would be difficult for the eye to see from afar. However, there were alot of big vases, which allowed you to see from a mile away.

It was very inspirational to know how these art pieces of vases came to be. Most of inspirations and ideas of her art pieces was fueled by the idea of building bigger and taller. Each vase had different designs and colors to indicate a different expression she was reminisced with. For one of the vaces, she drew flowers all over to remind her of her own childhood. Many of her designs were inspired by her childhood to show the childish side of her through her. She emphasizes on how her influences and inspirations came from her childhood’s feelings and emotions. Each color played a different role and this is essential because it builds up the character of her work.

In regards to my experience, I learned more about how vases were made as well as how they can be made to be amazing works of art from the artist. Each vase embodied something different, from all the colors as well as all the designs they all expressed a different chapter of her life experiences and they were demonstrated to be very nostalgic of her childhood experience. To me, it made me think of my own personal childhood and how our feelings and lives can be influenced and also incorporated in our own works whether it’s our daily lives to the expression of self through artwork in different forms. I think it’s really beautiful and her work conveys the beauty that vases and sculpting may carry.


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