B4 – Artist Conversation – Riley Natividad

Artist: Riley Natividad

Exhibition: Queer Bodies

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: LBSU School of Art, BFA

Website: N/A

Instagram: Riley_Natividad

The artist’s passion for art started at a very early time in his young childhood. He understood his love for drawing when he was little a kid. Now that he is older, the artist has followed his passion till this day. He is currently at his 3rd year at Cal State Long Beach. The artist plans on working towards his BFA for drawing and painting. Additionally, the artists plans on going to graduate school to further his knowledge about art of drawing and painting. The reason for his motivation and passion for drawing and painting was revealed when he was in middle school. But as of 2019, this is his first year with close up portraits instead of just paintings and drawings.

The formal qualities in his work that was seen in the gallery consists of colors, shape, and lines all mixed together. Most of the  art pieces presented existed with two or more colors within the painting or drawing. There were colors like blue, red, purple, yellow, and etc. The colors were very bright, which made the painting more colorful and shiny. The paints were also straight and jagged to indicate the faces in the paintings itself. This was displayed by primary colors that is present in a rainbow for his work. There were black and white painting, but there were also other colors present in the painting. The art piece could be very visible due to the amount of colors that were used on the painting. Some paintings would be harder to see due to the less visible colors that were being used for that specific painting.

The inspiration for drawing and painting that he had started a very young age. He started drawing and painting at a young, but eventually realized his love and passion for it during middle school. His use of colors in his painting was to convey different emotions for different colors. Each color had a different emotion and feeling behind the art piece that was used by the artist. As for the people in his art pieces, many of them were people regular people of our community, which shows his interest and love for the normal things in one’s life. He also mentions his art requires more thinking and analyzing due to the simplicity of the art piece. Additionally, through his art it seems more anonymous, which requires everyone to actually be present to understand the art itself.

The art pieces presented to me during this visit to the art gallery was very inspirational and motivating. The ability to convey different messages through the artpiece has been very interesting and shocking. The way he used the colors for specific faces made it as if the faces was giving off those emotions to the audience. It is crazy the amount of power existing in the art pieces. It is also interesting how the colors could be used in different way to give off different messages and emotions.

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