B5 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

The very beginning of the assignment, it felt very difficult and fun at the same time. I’ve never actually used a spray for anything besides for spray my bike when I was young. At first, I wasn’t too sure where to start this assignment. However, I decided to ask couple of friends that really enjoyed taking graffiti to the next level. I eventually decided to a make a trip to Los Angeles, where they would show me how to tag or do graffiti writing. They introduced me to the idea of can control, which is basically the ability to control the can in the way you want it to work. During the process of tagging, it was definitely difficult to control the can to my liking. Eventually, I was able spray out a couple of art pieces. The way I wrote it was more normal lines rather than anything unique. It took me more than ten times to get the tagging to my liking, which i was proud and satisfied of. Overall, the art experience was very fun and interesting due to the ability to learn and adapt to different types of art styles and methods.


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