B7 – Artist Experience – Ruthie Marchand

B7- Artist Conversation – Ruthie Marchand

Artist: Ruthie Marchand

Exhibition: MFA Thesis Exhibition

Media: Portrait & Figurative Artist

Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: WWW.ruthiemarchand.com

Instagram: ruthiemarchandart

Ruthie Marchand passion and inspiration to work with portrait and figurative art. She mentions her love for colors in her art. She is currently trying to get her BFA in portrait and figurative art from Cal State Long Beach. She wants to continue to further her skills and passions in CSULB. After that she decides to push more further to perhaps get her PHD. She really emphasizes her art by illustrating natural life situations.

In her art pieces it contains all types of colors, line, shapes, scales, textures, and rhythms. Most of the lines were outlines of every object that were being seen in the picture. Some of the line was bolder, which was used to indicate the importance of that certain object for its audience. There were also many colors that were present in the art piece. Each color giving life to the specific object and understanding of object. Everything was straight and jagged through the whole art piece. Each line being very important to outline the object that was being present. The pieces had every color possible in existence presented on her visuals. Many of these pieces could be seen from due to the bright and primary colors being used, which would make it easier to identify with.

Her pieces were inspired by life and normal situation that she has been through. She figured what she recalled the most from her childhood and moments were presented in her art piece. Not only did she used natural situations in her life, she also used colors to give it more of feeling that everyone could understand and feel. The colors was chosen specific to create a feeling for the audience, which demonstrate calmness through blue and etc.

The art piece that were presented was very interesting and fascinating to the naked eye. The colors that were being used made it more lively and lovable. It gave off emotions and feeling for the pieces making it feel a little more relatable and understandable from someone who isn’t artist. The ability to give a feeling and emotion through colors is very amazing and interesting. She also used relatable situations into her art pieces making even more relatable and understandable. This ultimately makes it memorable to allowing me to remember an art piece when i see one. Overall, the ability to combine colors and normal and typical life situations, it is safe we can see and feeling emotions off the use of proper images and colors.

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