B8 – Artist Conversation – TabbyToons

B8 – Artist Conversation –

Artist: Tabby Toons

Exhibition: The Art of Talin Tanielian

Media: Illustration & Animation

Gallery: LBSU School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: WWW.tabbytoons.com

Instagram: N/A

It all began on April 8 1996 in the most chaotic city in the world, Los Angels. The city roams of devils that fly and go as they please. These devils come in all type of sizes and colors, which distinguish amongst each ot the clans and packs. Yellowing being the strongest of the packs and white being the weakest amongst all clans in existence. Many of these packs have been established to be stronger than one another through their color and name. The yellow clan is called the Yang that has been in existence since the beginning of the change in the world with the support of all the other devils.

With thousands and thousands of devils flying and roaming the city of Los Angels. On April 8th 1996 was the day a Angel still remained in the city of Los Angels. The presence of the Angel was invisible and taboo to society due to the destruction and chaos caused by the devils. The Yangs and its followers has created a unity and rule to kill all Angels in its existence to keep the power within the Devils. Angels are considered to be weakest of em all, which is why the Devil have came together in power to kill those who threaten their authority.

The last Angel that exist in the city of Los Angels came a from a bloodline of the Yangs. The leader of the Yangs now has kill his older brother who was a angel, take over their throne and ruling. Before the death of his older brother, he had already had a son before the massacre of the angel race took place. Right before the death of his mother, the mother made sure the son was in a safe space. The son was named Heck Si.

Heck Si travels the world all alone in the need of survival of his life and race. He roams the city of Angels low and undetected by the Devils, which fly sky high above the street of City of Angels. Heck Si is finding his goal and purpose in life without the guidance of anyone or anything. Heck Si has been the chosen one to continue to exist and strive in the Los Angels for so long. He will continue the streets until one day he finds his path and journal, which is to bring revenge and rise of the Los Angels who once ran the city he flys in today.

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