B8 – Artist Experience – Environmental Portraits

For this portrait, I wanted to deliver the message and idea of how much Koi Fishes hold a special place in my heart. Koi Fishes has always been a part of my families whereabouts. Seeing and hearing the Koi fishes swim and roam freely in the pond reminded me of the peace of mind I had when I was young. This portrait is not so much something heavily focused on my career path, but more so a environment that holds a special feeling and emotion in my mind. Kois in our Chinese culture has always represented to bring us good luck and fortune. With this image, I wanted to show the beauty of the Kois and the habit they live in. However, the picture itself can only explain so much until actually be presenting and living in it. I honesty think I did a very good job in being more creative in what to do for my environment portrait. I wanted to do a picture that meant more personal to me rather than career path. The feeling of memory always seem to feel more special and memorable, which is why I decided to share this image. How I would definitely change the way I do this project next time is to use a better camera and probably follow the examples that was presented on our website.

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